Church History

Our church was organized 150 years ago. It is one of the oldest Black Churches in the South after the Civil War ended. The war ended April 9, 1865, and the church was organized two years later in 1867. The first services were held in a sawmill shed. Albert Davis secured the acre of land for the church. Ned Hamlin purchased the timber to build the church and the benches from a nearby sawmill. These farmers worked very hard but found the time to arrange for their Revival Services the following August on the second Sunday. For this entire week, large dinners were served on the grounds.

During church services, sinners were called to the front and kneeled at the benches. After the sermon, all the members gathered around them and sang and prayed. They built a brush harbor in front of the church. People from Amelia and Chesterfield counties would attend. The first church was built of weatherboards. The congregation outgrew the original building and an addition was added to the rear. Reverend Monroe Chappell gave Springfield their first baptizing pool.

Our past ministers were Reverend B.J. Fletcher, Reverend Jack Abel, Reverend C.W. Diggs, Reverend Lewis Branch, Reverend Robert Jones, Reverend Monroe Chappell, Reverend J.G. Stith, Reverend James Carter, Reverend George Harris, Reverend WW. Roberts, Reverend L.W. Ross, Reverend Henson, Reverend E.E. Ellis, Reverend Freeman Berlack, Reverend Odell Jones, Reverend Henry F. Johnson, Reverend Richard Rice, Reverend Howard Jones, Reverend Roderick Hewlett, Reverend Keith Parham, Reverend Broadie, Reverend Eddie C. Campbell Sr, and Reverend Curtis G. Mathews. Our current pastor is Reverend Edward L. Fox III. Our Associate Ministers are Reverend Dr. Patricia Briddell and Minister Darlene Hinton.

Our past Deacons were Aaron Neal, Jack Crawley, Rodie Jackson, Aaron Coleman, Acie Neal, Robert Pride, Ben Franklin, Jim Crawley, Thad Quarles, James Jefferson, Charles Cox, Richard Berry Jr., C.M. Crawley, B.W. Crawley, Jiles Bland, Waverly Neal, Emmitt Harris, Eli Freeman, James Parham Sr, Joseph Gibbs Sr, Joseph Edmonds Sr, Thomas Crawley, Odell Reese, Deacon Larry Williams, Deacon Thomas Edmonds, Deaconness Carrie Diggs, Deaconness Germaine Parham.